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Tweaking your CSS with Atkinson Hyperlegible font

I didn't liked that the built-in theme of my blog was using Google Fonts and also I wanted to switch the font from Fira Code to Atkinson Hyperlegible that is designed for low vision readers.

So I've decided to use Bunny Fonts which is a GDPR compliant font service alternative to Google Fonts.

First thing first was to use Bunny Fonts instead of Google Fonts in my CSS stylesheet:

@import url(https://fonts.bunny.net/css?family=atkinson-hyperlegible:400);

After that I replaced "Fira Code" font in the same CSS file with this code:

font-family: 'Atkinson Hyperlegible', sans-serif;

Last but not least, I saved the CSS and checked the result.

That's all! ✌