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Sharing fruitcakes

I've come across a very interesting blog conversation on about being original while blogging. I guess nearly every blogger sooner or later wonders "Is what I write original and worthwhile?".

First idea was written by ~ aco, in bringing a fruitcake to a holiday party:

what i write is original because i am original. its a bit of a surface level conclusion, but it gives me confidence and reassurance to go and put something out into the world, even if its lazily written by a half asleep me at 11 pm.

We often think we have nothing exceptional to write, a lot of stuff has been already written on the vast majority of topics. But at the end our readers are not looking for a Wikipedia article, they're intersted in our point of view.

That's the same conclusion of ~ tiramisu, in some people like fruitcake, too

I don't find my work particularly original (heck, this post is a perfect example of how derivative most of my stuff is), and I'm certainly far from the best writer on this platform, but readers still write to me to tell me that something I wrote inspired them to do something, or made them feel seen. And that's enough for me.

I believe they're both on the right way. We are creators, text creators. There is no magic potion to be searched, when we put our very own ingredients our fruitcake will be unique.